Expand customer portfolio
Scaled down costs
Reduce logistics flaws
Automated processes
Simple and unified workflow
Easy and secure delivery

How Elsie Works

Use Elsie's cutting edge digital platform to deliver premium genetics service.


Tailor Elsie to your unique needs

We'll adapt Elsie to better match your internal processes, from including proprietary test requisition forms to test specific sample handling instructions, up to automated customs invoice generation. After this, your portfolio will be readily available to Elsie healthcare units network.

Furthermore your portfolio is effortlessly and immediately available to a growing healthcare units network.


Receive Request & Sample

Scale donw your staff's work load. At the healthcare unit, Elsie automatically generates and fills-in all your forms, resulting in a smoother, error-free, sample handling and shipping process.

  • Enhanced logistics

    We’ll receive alerts on the Elsie platform when your kits stock is low to ensure you never run out of kits from any of your providers.

  • Secure tests results

    Genetic tests results are securely uploaded to our centralised workspace.

  • Painless Sample Handling

    Fewer blocking steps in your sample handling process and less red flags in your quality control.


Deliver Reports Securely

Upload report results securely to Elsie. Elsie coordinates the delivery of your results to a secure inbox, making them promptly available to the physician.

Innovate with Elsie

Strengthen HU Relationships

Elsie bridges the interaction gap between healthcare units and laboratories so you don't have to worry about sales, ordering or shipping logistics.

Save Time and Money

Elsie is tailored to your processes, which result in a less demanding workload allowing your staff to focus on meaningful tasks.

Unified Genetics Workflow

Elsie increase processes efficiency and reduces human errors. This mean a smoother ordering process with fewer blocking steps.

Secure Exchanges

Elsie follows the best data storage and security practices being strictly compliant with the latest GDPR.

Simplify Auditing

Track all your genetic tests transactions in an innovative digital platform. Manage and evaluate your entire ordering flow.

Partner with us

Schedule a demo to see Elsie in action, or leave your email and we'll be in touch.